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It’s now easy to increase the efficiency of your heating system and save money by controlling it from your mobile phone or even your voice.

Smart thermostats such as Hive, Google Nest and Tado are the new way to control your heating. Some models have intelligent functions that will automatically adjust heating and hot water settings, as well as cutting out use when it’s not required.

Additional control can be provided by smart thermostatic radiator valves (Smart TRVs), which will enable you to set the temperature of individual radiators.

How do smart thermostats work?

Smart thermostats work by connecting your heating system to the internet, enabling you to control it via an app on a smartphone or other mobile device. Adjustments can also be made via a control unit which is usually wall mounted.

Most smart thermostats will work with the main voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Functionality extends far beyond that of a traditional (non-smart) unit which typically offers a limited range of programming options such as weekday and weekend modes.

The number of extra features provide by a smart thermostat depends on the model, but here are some examples:

      • Homes with a separate hot water tank can have full control of hot water as well as heating
      • ‘Learning’ thermostats can make automatic adjustments based on your usage
      • Draught detection will tell you if you if you’re wasting heat
      • Geolocation technology will tell the system to switch off if you’re out or on if you’re returning home

New features are being added all the time and Prestantia’s team will help you install the best smart heating controls for your property.


Will smart heating controls save me money?

Everyone can benefit from convenience and control of a smart thermostat. However, the greatest savings are likely to be seen in households where people are out during the day and return at difference times. Using the app will ensure the heating doesn’t come on until it’s needed.