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Whether you want to convert your bathroom to a wet room or just simply upgrade your shower, there are a few things to know before you decide on what to do.


There are several types of shower to consider and when choosing the best one, you need to take into account your mains water pressure, your type of boiler and whether more than one person will be using hot water at the same time.


Electric showers heat the water as you need it and are independent to your heating system. For more information on electric showers, please click here


If you have a combination boiler or an immersion heater, you may want to consider a Mixer Shower. These showers combine hot and cold water supplies and are available to suit both high and low water pressure systems.


If you want to regulate the water temperature you should consider a Thermostatic Mixer Shower.  These types of shower ensure that water is delivered at a required temperature and reduces the risk of scalding so if you have children, this is a good option to have. Flow to the shower is reduced if more than one shower or tap is being used at the same time, however the temperature of the water is not compromised as the thermostatic valve will compensate for the drop in pressure.


Pumps can be added to your system if you have gravity led water supply, which will increase the water flow through a Thermostatic Mixer to the showerhead. Power Showers are supplied by the hot and cold feeds and work in the same way as Mixer Showers, however Power Showers have a built-in pump.


If your home has low-pressure water or a gravity fed system, Power Showers are a good option, however you will need to consider the cost implications as they do use a lot more water.


Whichever type of system you decide on, we have qualified plumbers and electricians to install, repair and upgrade your shower. Call us for a free quote on 0121 605 2476 or contact us here

For more information on our Shower Installation Service in Birmingham contact Prestantia here or call us on 0121 605 2476

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