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PAT Testing & Inspection

PAT Testing and Inspection


Our PAT Testing professionals in Birmingham carry out numerous safety checks such as:

  • Inspecting all cables and plugs
  • Testing the Earth Bond with a calibrated machine
  • Insulation Resistance Tests

It is a legal requirement to PAT test electrical appliances if you are an employe or landlord. Any appliance that has a plug needs to be PAT tested and certified..

It is becoming a fundamental requirement for insurance companies, for all appliances to be PAT tested and any failure to carry out any PAT Testing on electrical appliances can affect any insurance payouts when a claim is made.

Our PAT Testing Service involves:


Initial Inspection

In the initial stage our professional PAT Testers will deduce whether the actual appliance in question can be certified as being safe. We will check the plug, lead and casing of the appliance for any obvious damage.

Plug Inspection

The PAT Tester will take the plug apart to check that it is using the correct fuse for the application. Checks will also be made on the connectors to see if they are both, connected securely and without any exposed wiring. The plug itself should pass BS standards and be in perfect condition without any cracks or damage.

Appliance Casing Inspection

The appliance is checked throughout for any obvious damge to the outer casing including any visible cracks or holes.

Earth Bond Test

We need to check that there is a valid eaerth between the appliance and the earth on the plug.

Insulation Resistance Test

This test checks for exposed or defective insulation to the conductors and is required on all classes of equipment.

For more information on our PAT Testing in Birmingham contact Prestantia here or call us on 0121 605 2476

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