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Save on your annual gas bills by installing an A-rated boiler

A modern, efficient heating system is vital for cutting carbon emissions and fuel bills. More than half of the average household energy costs go on heating, which is why replacing your old boiler with an A-rated boiler will result in immediate savings.

Figures from the Energy Saving Trust show annual savings of between £165 to £365 for a detached property replacing an old D, E, F or G-rated boiler with an A-rated condensing boiler with programmer, room thermostats and thermostatic radiator controls.

For a semi-detached property, the annual savings would be between £135 and £240.

(Figures are based on November 2021 gas prices – savings will increase as prices rise.)

Different types of boiler

The main reason why modern boilers are more efficient is that they all use condensing technology. Whereas older boilers lose heat through exhaust flues, condensing boilers recover this to heat central heating water.

There are two types of gas boiler:

Combi boilers – heat hot water on demand and don’t require a hot water cylinder or a cold water tank, so you’ll save on space as well as your energy use. As a result, they’re often the best choice for smaller properties.

System boilers – have a separate hot water cylinder to store hot water. They’re usually best for homes with multiple bathrooms as they can provide hot water to taps at the same time.

Your choice may also be determined by a need to work with renewable heating technology – system boilers are more compatible with solar thermal water heating and heat pumps.

Gas fired boilers are the most common form of heating in the UK and modernising them is a great way to start making big difference to our overall CO2 emissions.

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