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Maintaining and servicing renewable energy heating systems

Regular checks and servicing are needed to ensure your renewable energy heating technology continues to run effectively and efficiently.

Prestantia Eco’s qualified engineers service and maintain all the main forms of renewable heating systems, even if we didn’t install them originally. They include:

      • Air source heat pumps
      • Ground source heat pumps
      • Solar thermal systems
      • MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) systems

We also repair renewable energy heating systems so if your technology isn’t working as it should please get in touch.

Renewable heating systems – the benefits of regular maintenance

There’s a long list of reasons to service your renewable heating system and keep it well maintained:

Lower energy bills – ensuring your system is operating properly will maximise its efficiency and minimise your energy bills, a vital consideration at a time of rapidly-rising prices.

Minimising your carbon footprint – an efficiently-running system also lowers your CO2 usage which helps the environment and contributes to the UK’s aim of achieving net zero greenhouse gas (GHS) emissions by 2050.

Reducing repair costs – spotting and resolving potential problems earlier can save more expensive repair and replacement at a later stage.

Extending warranty cover – routine checks will ensure than your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid and, where applicable, you remain compliant with the requirements of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

Prolonging the life of your system – a properly-installed and well-maintained system should last 25 years or more. Regular servicing will help your system to provide your heating needs for years to come.

A comfortable heated home – avoid the prospect of chilly rooms and cold showers by ensuring your home heating and water system is working as it should.

Peace of mind – you’ll know that your system is working perfectly and that you’re doing everything you can to avoid sudden breakdowns, save on your energy bills and help the environment.