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If you do not have a combination boiler, it is likely that your hot water comes through an open vented stored hot water system, fed by a header tank which is usually located in your loft.

Cold water is stored in the header tank and fills a cylinder which will heat the water and supply your taps, bath and possibly your shower. The problem with having a header tank in a loft space is that it may be subject to freezing, especially if you have insulated the floor space in the loft as this will prevent warm air from rising and stopping the pipes and tank from freezing. Ensure that your header tank and pipes are well lagged and insulated to avoid problems in the colder months.


For a free quote to insulate your header tank or for any repairs to your system, call Prestantia on 0121 605 2476 or contact us here


An alternative to an open vented stored hot water system is an unvented hot water cylinder. Usually this will mean that there won’t be a need for a high level header tank. The hot water cylinder will often be located in a cupboard and will be fed by the mains water supply. The water is then heated by the boiler  or electrical elements.


The benefit of an unvented hot water cylinder is that you have higher hot water pressure which makes for better quality showers, without the need for a pump, however it does rely on the pressure from the mains supply.


If you are considering changing the type of system you currently have, Prestantia will be happy to provide you with a FREE plumbing quote.


Or alternatively if you have any problems with your system and need a repair, we can send a qualified engineer to your home to fix it for you.


Call Prestantia Property Services if you live in the Birmingham or Solihull  areas on 0121 605 2476 or contact us here

For more information on our Cisterns & Header Tanks in Birmingham contact Prestantia here or call us on 0121 605 2476

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