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What are air source heat pumps?

An air source heat pump is a renewable energy source that cuts energy bills and CO2 emissions by using heat from the outside air to heat your home.

The most common type is an air-to-water heat pump, which heats rooms via central heating systems and can also heat water stored in a hot water cylinder for your hot taps, baths and showers.

Pumps can extract heat from temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius, ensuring that they provide heating and hot water throughout the year.

Air source pumps are suitable for many types of homes and tens of thousands have already been installed across the UK.

Are ground source heat pumps expensive to run?

Air source heat pumps work by absorbing heat from the air outside into a fluid called a refrigerant. As the refrigerant circulates inside the heat pump it is compressed, which increases the temperature which then provides the heating and hot water.

There are no carbon dioxide emissions as a heat pump captures heat that is already present in the environment and does not burn any fuel.

Will an air source heat pump save me money?

Figures from the Energy Savings Trust show annual savings of around £450 when replacing an inefficient G-rated boiler.

Heat pumps are far more efficient than traditional boilers because the amount of heat they produce exceeds the amount of electricity they use. This allows the system to transfer more heat into a property than it takes to run.

The amount of heat produced for every unit of electricity used is known as the Coefficient of Performance (CoP). So, if a heat pump has a CoP of 3.8, then it will give out 3.8 units of heat for every unit of electricity consumed.

To ensure maximum efficiency it’s important to have a well-designed heating system and good insulation. This means the heat pump needs to work less hard to heat your property.

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