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Electric Showers



For guaranteed hot water, independent from your heating system, electric showers can provide you with almost instant hot water – at the touch of a button!


By using mains pressure cold water, an electric shower heats the water very quickly so even if your boiler breaks down, you will still be able to have a hot shower. Electric showers need to be connected to both a power supply and to a separate fused electrical supply circuit so it’s a good idea to get a qualified NICEIC electrician to install it.


Electric showers can also be connected to both your cold and hot water supply and use an electrical pump to increase the pressure coming through the shower head. These use less electricity than a conventional electric shower but you can have increased water pressure from them making them into ‘power’ showers.

There are a host of electric showers to choose from to suit all budgets and tastes, from a more basic range to a more expensive designer range.


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