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Thermostats and Controls for your Radiators



Thermostatic valves are a great way to control the temperature of the individual rooms of your home. Greater control can help you save money on your heating bills and reduce carbon emissions.

For homes with electric storage heating and hot water system, you can take advantage of off peak charges and store or ‘charge up’ overnight. Heat is then released during the day, for which you will need a different set of controls.

If you have a ‘wet’ central heating system, your heating and hot water will be supplied through your boiler and water filled pipes and radiators. You can control your system using thermostatic radiator valves, a programmable room thermostat and timer and boiler thermostat.


The benefits of using a Thermostatic Radiator Valve or TRV:


  • Helps to keep individual rooms at a temperature to suit you and your family
  • Help save on your fuel bills by turning the radiators off in rooms that aren’t in use.
  • Can be used with all radiator systems including radiators, convectors and towel dryers
  • Environmentally friendly Thermostatic Radiator Valves can save 45kg* carbon per year according to the Energy Saving Trust


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