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Central Heating Power Flushing



Power flushing removes limescale, sludge and corrosion that has built up in your central heating system causing circulation problems and poor performance.


With our power flushing service we can remove or prevent these problems, and restore the system back to its original state running at 100% efficiency. A regular power flush will help keep your radiators running efficiently and also prevent internal damage and eventual leaks.


Does your central heating system need power flushing?


  • Is the boiler making strange noises that you don't recognise?
  • Do your radiators have cold spots?
  • Do you pipes make strange noises?
  • Are your radiators rusty or leaking?
  • When bleeding the radiators do you notice dark dirty water?
  • Does your central heating system take a long time to heat up?
  • Does your boiler often need resetting?
  • Have your radiators completely stopped working?

The power flushing service in Birmingham involves:


  • A powerful power flush machine using magnets to clean and filter the central heating system
  • Possible moving of furniture
  • Professional power flush technicians with the upmost respect for you home
  • Tips and advice on keeping your system in tip top condition


For more information on our Central Heating Power Flushing Service in Birmingham contact Prestantia here or call us on 0121 605 2476